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Colorful pictures that create connection for people and brands. 

Portraits and lifestyle sessions available now. 

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Meet Louise

Creating joyful photographs that allow people to feel beautiful as they are. 

I'm a true introvert, a mama to five and a lover of genuine connection, sun, and advocating for BIPOC and the LGBTQIA+ communities. 




Kind Words

" I legit started crying when I saw the photos. Thank you for making me feel amazing. The first person I showed the photos to were my sister and she also cried because of how beautiful I looked to her, she said it was inspiring..." -Yeshua


"Louise is not only one of the most gifted artists we know, but also has the best heart." Kaleigh and Nick


Connecting with people one on one is truly one of my favorite things to do. So whether you're looking to tell your story through pictures or need a new headshots for that dream job, we can create beautiful images and both come away from our shoot knowing each other a little better.


Remembering what our days looked like can be captured easily. But, remembering what they felt like is trickier. Whether it's time at home with your family or you and your pup, I want you to be transported right back to that moment through pictures whenever you look at them.

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